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Toddler still not sleeping - could it be tonsils?

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lepetitchoufleur Sun 04-Jan-15 13:38:24

Hi my DS will be 4 in April and still doesn't sleep through the night. Every night he gets up, usually once or twice somewhen between 1 and 4 am, the times vary a lot. Occasionally he has a wakeful period around 10 / 11 am too. He doesn't cry or anything and will happily be walked straight back to bed so it's easily dealt with but nearly 4years of broken sleep is breaking me. A while back, speaking to a friend of a friend about it she recommended taking him to the doctor as she knew a mum who had the same issues and it turned out enlarged tonsils were causing sleep apnea (not sure of the spelling) and having the tonsils removed worked like magic. Everyone was better rested, happier, the child's development improved etc.
So off we went to the doctor who took a very brief look at the tonsils, said they were fine and they really don't like to take tonsils out these days anyway. Instead, we're now giving him two asthma inhalers each night and one in the morning to see if that's the problem. These have helped a little, over the past 8 weeks we have had a handful of nights where he's slept through, BUT since I started on this I've spoken to quite a few mums who experienced similar problems, went to the doctor and spent months, years of trying asthma treatments, allergy treatments, only to eventually see an ENT specialist who would recommend having the tonsils removed and BOOM, problem solved. So I'm wondering, is this a common thing? Should I be pushing harder to get a specialist to look at those bloody tonsils? Are there hoards of you out there who went through the same thing?

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