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how much does your 4 month old nap?

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scottygirl5 Sat 03-Jan-15 22:51:51

DD2 hasn't been a good napper in a couple of months but right now she's terrible, fighting sleep whether in the cot, the car, the sling or on the boob. Just wondered how often/for how long other people's 4 month olds were sleeping? DD1 was a poor sleeper but did have 4-5 naps totalling 3-4 hours at this age iirc, DD2 only managing 3 totalling 1.5-2.5 hours which doesn't seem enough but I wonder if I'm just over-comparing?

Redling Sun 04-Jan-15 00:16:36

My DS (19 weeks) gets ragey every two hours or so, so I try and nap him around every two hours, but it's usually for 45 mins at the moment as he will wake at the end of a sleep cycle. So I might get three 45 min naps in the day and then at one point he will (if I have him sleeping on my chest) have a long two hour nap. Night time is about 7-7 (sometimes later bed but still 7am wake up!) with a wake up around midnight and 4am for feeds. I think he's quite a sleepy boy though as I know some babies can go a lot longer than 2 hours awake at this age, but he gets so angry when overtired and rubs his eyes frantically so I have to try and make him sleep! He requires rocking and dummy though, he doesn't drift off gently smile unless in the carrier where he just falls asleep alone and quietly, it's lovely. I don't really think of the total he sleeps, as it varies and he has no set 'nap times'. He just obviously crosses a line of tiredness where he has to nap, it could be 30 mins or 2 hours. The more he stays awake after the eye rubbing and yawning begins the worse he is to get to sleep so I just go with it. It's hard though, he does fight it so much in the day, it's like a different world to night sleep.

mupperoon Sun 04-Jan-15 00:32:06

My daughter is coming up to 5 months and we're lucky if she naps for more than an hour a day total over 3 naps. We're trying to follow the 2-3-4 routine but she sleeps for such a short time we'd be putting her down for the night before she woke up within a week. sad

Today I put her down at 9am, 2 hrs after she woke this morning. She slept for 5 mins and woke up giggling and silly. I would love some time to myself but at least she's adorable I suppose... smile

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