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Do we just have to live with these sleepless nights?

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Annarose2014 Fri 02-Jan-15 09:35:21

DS is 7 weeks old. For several weeks he's been thrashing, grimacing, squirming and straining at night. He looked to be in pain and was obviously unable to pass any wind at night. All the leg-cycling and tummy massage in the world couldn't shift it. So I consulted the GP as his poos were getting very acidic and he had diarrahea.

GP diagnosed cows milk intolerance and he's been on hypoallergenic formula for the past two weeks. Whilst his output has improved immensely, his nighttimes haven't.

He still thrashes, strains and cries all night long. Whats worse, it frequently awakens him so its not like he's just sleeping through it. If I take him into the bed with me sometimes he'll go into a deeper sleep and I'll get an hours sleep. But even then he'll suddenly start desperately writhing and crying himself awake again.

Literally the only difference is that he now farts at night whereas he couldn't before. But plainly he's still not getting it all out. And given the formula I don't think there's anything else we can do.

Do I just have to live with this now until his digestive system matures? I'm like a zombie. sad

ruth1104 Fri 02-Jan-15 10:48:54

my ds was also diagnosed with cmpa at just a few weeks as well, i am still ebf but dairy free so its slightly different but it took 3 weeks before there was a real difference in his tummy. He still does a lot of thrashing about at night (to a certain extent i think thats normal when theyre little) but isnt so upset by it and the wind is definitely better. It is a miserable thing though! There are some very good cmpa support groups on facebook. Which formula are you on? Some still have a bit of cmp in them so might be worth talking to your gp again?

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