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5.30pm bedtime for 6 month old...when do i drop the dreamfeed?

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fwufduck Thu 01-Jan-15 22:39:39

So my daughter is pretty amazing and goes to bed at 5.30 pm. My concern though is when to stop dreamfeeding? At the moment I go in her room and change her nappy at 10pm. She wakes up but stays in a good quiet mood whilst I change her...we then have about 150ml milk...Back down awake and she resettles herself no problem normally through till 7am. I'm under the impression that I should be weaning her off the dream feed but I also want to carry on changing her nappy at 10pm as it is normally quite wet and I would hate her to be uncomfortable during the night, I also think it helps her sleep longer. Not sure what to do

FATEdestiny Thu 01-Jan-15 23:01:03

With a 5.30pm bedtime, you will soon have a 5.30am wake up.

I would move bedtime forward half an hour at a time - 6.00, 6.30 and settle at 7.00pm. This gives enough time for play, bath, story and milk feed after her solids 'dinner'. Works well long term for a 7am wake up time.

By moving bedtime later you should find her nappy drier at night. Most good nappies can cope with 12 hours of wees overnight. Also the proper food and later milk feed before bed will help in dropping the dreamfeed.

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