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Help with getting 22mo back to sleeping thru please!

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sophiad Thu 01-Jan-15 11:18:23

Hiya, just looking for some advice if anyone has any?!
My DD nearly 22mo was a really good sleeper, goes straight to bed at 7pm (still does that to be fair) and go through till 6/7am.
Past few months because of being unwell and me going back to work (the the routing change hit her a bit), she's started waking in night and wanting to get into bed with me. I've relented as a way to get some sleep but now hoping to try to get her back to what she used to do. I know it's my own fault for letting her come in with me first of all, but it started when she was ill for abt a week with a bug and went downhill from there!
Any advice on how I could try to make it as calm as can be for her would help smile thank you x

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