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So how long before all this cc work?

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Anotheronesoon Thu 01-Jan-15 03:15:25

Have been doing controlled crying with 8 month old for a week now. He still wakes every 2-3 hours and has now been crying since 0100 and its past 0300. I am so over it. Really thought we might have had some progress by now. Really wish we could afford a sleep nanny. Going into new year feeling tired and irritated this hasn't worked hmm any hints or tips gratefully recieved.

Anotheronesoon Thu 01-Jan-15 03:35:38

Seriously he's still going. This is going to be a miserable year. 9 months and I've not slept longer than three hours in a row. It's enough to send me round the bend. confused

Arseface Thu 01-Jan-15 03:49:02

It's so hard isn't it? Doesn't sound like CC is working for any of you tho.
How is he used to falling asleep?

Chickz Thu 01-Jan-15 06:33:14

Poor you. It sounds awful. Does he have any sleep props to help get him to sleep - eg bf, dummy, rocking? Maybe he's finding it difficult to sleep without them. If cc isn't working then maybe gradual retreat or pupd? You have my sympathies. Mine 14 month dd still wakes once or twice in night so it's better than your situation but we are just about to use a sleep consultant whose asking us to fill out a sleep diary. From speaking to her it seems that many sleep probs are due to sleep props and babies becoming reliant on those. Believe it or not my Dds could be her bunny rabbit. When she can't feel it, I think she wakes up!

Sunshine200 Thu 01-Jan-15 06:38:39

It should have started to work by now. Could he be teething at the moment? How often are you going into him? It took just 2 days for my 14 mth old to get much better (not perfect and not every night), but better. We didn't go in to her much though, and used ear plugs to help our sanity.

Iggly Thu 01-Jan-15 06:39:21

Did you check the Ferber book on cc? Not the other latter ones. He says to rule out other causes first. Also ignore stuff about "sleep props" - we all have them (nice pillow, favourite side of the bed etc) so why not a little baby?

He also suggests reducing feeds at a minute at a time every night before doing cc (bf) or at an ounce at a time (off). CC was always a last resort.

Until you've ruled out silent reflux, allergies, intolerances etc etc then sleep training won't help. He sounds like something is up, poor kid.

Iggly Thu 01-Jan-15 06:40:10

*off should be FF

sleepywombat Thu 01-Jan-15 06:55:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Anotheronesoon Thu 01-Jan-15 08:49:45

Thanks for advice everyone - I hate cc but it worked so well for ds1 so thought it would be quick and relitively pain free for ds2. Just goes to show no two babies are alike. I do think he might be teething though so will try addressing that first. I'm so tired I can't think straight anymore. hmm Thanks for words of wisdom!

BikeRunSki Thu 01-Jan-15 08:52:25

I did cc with dd just to get her to go to bed. Took 9 days, when she was 11 months old. Took another 2 years of madness for her to sleep through the night,

Writerwannabe83 Thu 01-Jan-15 09:33:51

I think that CC only works if a baby is developmentally ready for self settling and sleeping through the night - prepared to be proved wrong though.

I started doing CC on my baby about three weeks ago (when he was just under 9m/o) and I saw instant results. Within 2-3 days all our problems were over.

Have you tried any of the softer approaches to sleep training? Your DS may respond to other methods better than the strictness of CC?

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