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Self soothe tips please

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beckiebee04 Tue 30-Dec-14 09:49:30

I have a 7 months old and she's been in her own room and cot since a month old, after her bath and last bottle she's usually out like a light and sleeps through, until teething hit, she's up and down but my problem is that I can only get her down in her cot after a feed and she's fallen sleep in my arms.... Tips please?

mummy2pickle Wed 31-Dec-14 18:42:18

I had and sometimes still have the same problem. If my dd who is 8.5 months isn't asleep on her bottle I panic! But a couple of months ago I tried the shush pat technique and put a few teddy.s in her cot so she used to wake play a bit then fall back to sleep. Trust me is wasn't as easy as this may sound and she will only settle herself at night time, nap time she still needs cuddling. Teething is currently a problem and she is waking at night and I sometimes have to go and pat her for 15 mins until she's drowsy then sit until she's asleep. Hoping it'll go back to normal., once teeth are through. Sorry to go on and realised I gave no advice! But we are in similar situations

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