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Thumb sucking help

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LittleMissRayofHope Sun 28-Dec-14 19:25:22

Ok, I know this will divide the crowd as thumb versus dummy. I don't like dummies. That's my choice not to use one.

DS is now 14 weeks and suckles for comforts. EBF and still feeding a lot. I want to help him find his thumb.
He can get his hands to his mouth but as he hasn't uncurled his hands yet he gets his knuckles instead of thumb.
Everytime I try to help him out his thumbs he gets upset at the sort of forced side of it. But he wants to suck.
I suspect he would sleep better if he could suck his thumb.

Any help? Will also post in parenting.

Thanks in advance!

FATEdestiny Mon 29-Dec-14 14:40:57

I don't think you can make baby uncurl his fists on demand. I think it is developmental. So he'll find his thumb on his own when ready. For now, he's more likely to suck his fist because that's how his hands are.

Maybe he won't find a thumb? I knew someone in childhood who sucked her middle two fingers (whilst stroking her nose with index finger).

She was still doing it in secondary school! fgrin

I also know a child who sucks the fold of skin between thumb and index finger.

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