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Getting a toddler to sleep in a new bedroom/ strange bedroom - help?

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minitoot Sun 28-Dec-14 18:51:25

Bit of a long story, but... we live in the UK but spend Christmas and other holidays with relatives abroad. We have a 2.5 year old, and until now, when we visit these relatives he has slept in a cot in our room. This year, he got his own bedroom. He won't sleep in it at all, even though the cot is the same - he gets hysterical about it. At home, he sleeps in his own room and has been doing that for ages, about a year I think. he doesn't have any trouble going to sleep there, just he occasionally wakes up early in the morning and comes into our bed.
What can we do to get him to sleep in the new bedroom? It isn't an ideal situation because we are here so rarely (it's not as if it were every weekend, for example) that he forgets about it in the intervals, of course, but we are here for long enough that it gets really wearing having him in our bed every night. We tried leaving the nightlight on but it makes no difference. He will go to sleep on his own in our bed, sometimes. I am worried in case he carries this behaviour back to the UK and starts refusing to sleep in his bed at home!

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