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sudden sleep troubles...advice please

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chowebella Sun 28-Dec-14 17:52:46

My one year old son has always been a good sleeper. He has a good bedtime routine and usually goes down in his cot by 6.30 and puts himself to sleep in minutes.
However about 2 weeks ago he had a ear infection and his sleep pattern was a little all over the place for a few days. Since then he refuses to go to sleep at night. I follow the same bedtime routine but as soon as we go into his room to put him in his cot he starts screaming. I tell him goodnight, love him and leave. He will continue to scream crying for anything up to an hour which at that point i usually give in and cuddle him to sleep as I can't bear listening to him crying anymore.
Should i stick the crying out until we get back into a routine or try something else? Any advice will be greatly apriciated.

FATEdestiny Sun 28-Dec-14 18:24:38

When he was poorly, did you do anything different?

For example: When my children are poorly we usually allow them to sleep with us in our bed for comfort and reassurance. It is common sense that this is lovely for a child and they would like to continue it even when they are better. But DH and I want our bed back to ourselves. So there is the inevitable need to re-set boundaries when it comes to going back to normal. This will involve some work (taking back to their own bed) and tears.

The same will be true if you started doing anything else in a 'softer' way when your DS was ill. So if you cuddled him to sleep when he was poorly, he will want you to carry on and will fight against you stopping. You will need to re-set the boundaries, which will involve some crying and upset. But it shouldn't take more than a few days, if you are tough with him.

angelopal Sun 28-Dec-14 19:10:47

Our 10 month old was really bad after a cold. She went from sleeping all night to multiple wakings. We are on day 4 of sleep training and its working well.

Unfortunately if you cave and cuddle him he knows he just has to wait and you will cuddle him. Its tough but you might have to decide on a method and stick to it. As he was a good sleeper before should hopefully not take to long to get back to normal.

chowebella Mon 29-Dec-14 08:19:25

When he was ill he was just cuddling all day and sleeping on and off whilst cuddling. Which then meant I would usually put him down after he fell asleep, the only relief he got was falling asleep on my chest as laying down would hurt his ears..So i guess its just a case of retraining again. I was just feeling so cruel allowing him to cry so much but i think your right a lil tough love for a few days until he settles back into his routine smile

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