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5 month old gasping/sobbing in sleep

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Ilovebrie Sat 27-Dec-14 17:44:47

For the last few months my baby has had these episodes where she sobs and whimpers in her sleep. You know when you've been crying really hard and your breath catches and makes a hiccup sound only more snorty? Like that! It sounds like she's having a nightmare and is gasping in fear and crying out. sad

But I just googled it and am worrying it's a problem with her breathing (which is normal when she's awake).

Anyone's babies do something similar? Any reassurance would be hugely appreciated. Will mention it to the doc when I see her.

zgaze Sat 27-Dec-14 17:49:49

Both of mine have done this, that kind of whimpering, terrified sounding sobbing - I put it down to baby nightmares. Their brains and imagination must step up a gear at that age. We used to have a standing joke that it was an awful dream about their beloved boobie going missing, it's about the only thing that would have upset them that much smile

My DD still does it very occasionally now and she's just 3.

OohLeatherPantsHaveMercy Sat 27-Dec-14 17:53:59

My 4 month old occasionally whimpers or laughs in her sleep, and has done for a good wee while. I didn't even think to worry about it! If her breathing appears fine during the rest of her sleep and is fine when she's awake then I'd assume she's just dreaming. Try not to worry smile

Hedgehogging Sat 27-Dec-14 17:54:18

Mine does that too sometimes. It sounds heartbreaking! She doesn't seem to have any ill effect from it though and is generally happy as a clam. I too put it down to "Arghhh!!! The boob is missing!!" dreams grin

butterfly86 Sat 27-Dec-14 19:09:26

My 6mo dd does this and has done since being tiny Im sure it's a bad dream as she will do it for a couple of minutes then come the ear piercing screams we run upstairs lift her out and cuddle her until she settles she doesn't seem to be awake though, she then continues to do little sobs in her sleep until she settles totally...breaks my heart sad we joke she's dreaming her milk isn't coming quick enough, not sure what could be causing it she doesn't see or hear anything scary when she's awake...

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