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Any advice on getting part time co sleeper in own bed without cc/CIO

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sososotired Fri 26-Dec-14 06:50:28

My dreadful sleeper is 16 months, he wakes atleast 3 times a night... He goes to sleep in his bed with a bottle with me led in his bed, then will wake up at 10/11 when he I usually bring him to our bed then he wakes at 12/1 for a bottle (weaning him off that now) and then gets up for the day at 5am I just want my bed back can any one advise a gentle way to get some decent sleep??? I work full time, study part time and my DH works shifts so he doesn't really help early mornings or night shifts due to not being around confused

MotherOfInsomniacToddlers Fri 26-Dec-14 07:01:53

I started sleeping in ds's bed with him instead of him sleeping in ours. To her him used to the different room. He's 2.5 now and sleeps in his own bed, but still doesn't sleep through the night. I can generally just walk in and stroke his face and he will go back to sleep now tho. I sometimes find he and his 3.5yo sister co-sleeping though!!
I found it happens when they want to sleep alone really though, I tried loads of things but suddenly he said "I want to sleep in my little bed" still trying to break the night wakings but getting there slowly at his pace smile

HoggleHoggle Fri 26-Dec-14 07:12:03

We used gradual retreat. There was crying which was horrible, but we were in the room to comfort ds. And he's learnt that night time means he stays in his cot.

returnofthehumanegg Fri 26-Dec-14 16:12:57

Might help if you are able to somehow cosleep in a bed that could end up being hers. We did this with a guest bed in her room that ended up being hers (used bed guard) - I think this made her like her bed. We transitioned her to a smaller bed later. She never, ever liked being placed in a cot and the first time she slept through was around 18mo when we ditched it and put her in the guest bed she was used to co sleeping in (pull out double) from the start of the night so she didn't wake with the 'get me out of here' scream. Still not the greatest sleeper after that but much better than before.

returnofthehumanegg Fri 26-Dec-14 16:16:02

Just realised that's very similar to MotherOf - maybe it'll work!

sososotired Fri 26-Dec-14 16:22:20

Ok wish me luck, he has an extender bed so it's pulled out to full single bed length bed guard is on and his new bedding is on! Tonight's plan is to sleep with him and then just spend less time in his room over a few weeks and hopefully he will stay in his room fingers and toes crossed that this is going to work!

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