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Teaching baby to sleep on tummy

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blushingmare Tue 23-Dec-14 18:24:51

I know you're not supposed to put them to sleep on their front, but DS is 7mo, able to lift and turn his head and when I put him down on his tummy the other night (when he'd unusually fallen asleep on the boob) he slept for double the length of time he'd normally go for.

But he doesn't normally feed to sleep, I normally put him down awake and settle him in bed. If I put him down on his tummy he just pushes up on his arms and doesn't lie down.

Anyone else done this? How do I teach him to sleep on his tummy?!

splodgeses Tue 23-Dec-14 18:44:03

Well sleeping on their tummy is against the WHOs 'safe sleeping' guidelines for exactly the reason you have mentioned. Basically, because baby stays warmer and doesn't startle, they sleep deeper and for longer.
Having said that, my ds is 5 months and rolls over, he has been able to lift his head clear for ages now. I cannot get him to sleep anyway but on his tummy (mainly due to reflux and suggested front sleeping from 7 weeks old) I have tried putting him down to self soothe on his back and he rolls over, if I move him back, he rolls again. If I hold him until he is asleep and lay him on his back, he startles within a few minutes and immediately rolls over.
To help your dc sleep on his tummy, you could try skin to skin with him on your chest. This might help him settle this way and be comfortable sleeping as such.

Guyropes Tue 23-Dec-14 18:48:03

Wow, how interesting! I didn't know that! Thanks for posting splodges.

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