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do you dress babies at night for highest or lowest nighttime temperature?

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tiredchristmasmum Tue 23-Dec-14 15:22:12

If anyone can help, that would be great.

On every website it says to dress a baby in eg cotton footless pj's and 2.5 bag if temp is 17 degrees.

Now, am I going mad here, because who's house stays roughly the same temperature at night?

So, do you dress them for the highest temperature at night, or the lowest?

I have a 7 month old dd, who sleeps in a 2.5 tog bag with just footless cotton pj's. At start of the night it's 21/20 degrees, and around 3am it drops to 16.
She's waking all night anyway, due to two teeth coming through, but I'd feel awful if my pfb was cold/hot.

Are any of you experienced ladies able to enlighten me? Or am I being stupid due to lack of sleep/Christmas rush/not feeling particularly merry due to no sleep. Thanks!

Iggly Tue 23-Dec-14 15:28:01

I put the heating on in the early hours just at a low level. I've had enough of 3am wake ups due to the cold. If I over dress my two they get hot and won't settle.

ChaffinchOfMegalolz Tue 23-Dec-14 15:29:10

my nearly 9mo wears a nappy, vest, sleep suit with feet cut out as he has massive feet , a 2.5 tog sleeping bag and is sleeping through, the house is approx. 18 degrees at night, possibly colder for a short time. he's never sweaty / in the morning his hands feel cold-ish

Hopelass Tue 23-Dec-14 15:29:53

I find it a bit of a minefield tbh and certainly don't think you're being stupid! My DS is 14 months old and I tend to dress him on the warm side with a sleepsuit and 2.5 tog sleeping bag. The temp is about 20 when he goes to bed but drops throughout the night to 16 so when we go to bed around 10ish I check on him and throw a blanket over him too if I think he feels a bit chilly. It's a case of trial and error I think but if you're worried best to dress on the cool side and add layers if little one seems cold.

ilovepowerhoop Tue 23-Dec-14 15:37:54

I used to dress them for the lowest temperature

tiredchristmasmum Tue 23-Dec-14 15:48:21

Thanks all,
I have set my boiler to come on in the early hours, but it didn't this morning. I remember checking at 4am and prodding the thermostat but I was too tired to work out what was wrong.

I think to keep it more consistent I'll leave the heating off upstairs, so dh's bedtime will be cooler, at 18 degrees but put a vest on under her clothes to keep her warm in the early hours.

Perhaps then she'll only wake 5 times instead of 10. I'm crossing my fingers/legs for a better night. Perhaps then we should calculate on average temp then dress on the cooler side?!

Thanks again fsmile

peggyundercrackers Tue 23-Dec-14 15:59:02

we always had our DD in sleepsuits with feet last year, this year its PJs without feet in them in her little bag but she also has a blanket over her, she has never woke apart from when teething.

peggyundercrackers Tue 23-Dec-14 16:02:03

sorry posted too soon - we only put the blanket on her when we go to bed at around midnight, the heating is on from about 5ish to about 11ish that and the house is warmer and feel she would be too hot during these times. its also easier to get her to stay under a blanket when shes sleeping than try and put a blanket over her when shes awake and expect her to stay under it.

Redling Tue 23-Dec-14 19:51:05

I turned the radiators off in my bedroom as I find it much harder to deal with the massive fluctuations heating going on/off causes, so we go with the coldest (15-17 degrees) and he's in padded arms Gro suits and a 2.5 bag. Also those slightly snugglier velour footless sleepsuits from H&M.

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