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3 month old awake all night

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Cheffie100 Tue 23-Dec-14 09:27:24


I'm tired and very desperate and wondering if anyone can offer any suggestions.

My 3 month old baby until three days ago was having a bottle of expressed milk at 10.30pm and then feeding at 2.30/3.30 am ish and then usually another very small feed at 5.30/6am. He then has at big feed at 7 another around 10/11am and and another at 1pm/2pm a small feed at 4ish and then a big bed time feed at 5.30/6pm and then bed at 7(in theory but usually takes until 8 to get him to go down).

He was 3 weeks early and is always hungry e.g will feed for 50 minutes at 7am and I've had to start feeding him again at 9.15 to get him to go down for his morning nap. He will wake up at 10 and need at least 20 mins to tide him over until he takes a full feed at 11am.

Anyway the last three nights after his bottle at 10.30. He's woken at 1.30 to feed then 3am, 4.15am, 5.30am and then 6.20am. I feed him because I don't want him to cry and wake my other children up and once I put him down he crying again within half an hour. I think he just wants to be with me and suckle which is lovely but I am very very tired.

I have been cosleeping a few nights a week from the first feed. Don't shoot me but I don't enjoy cosleeping and wonder if he just wakes up when he's not in his cot because he wants to snuggle. Which is lovely but I sleep really badly with him in bed with me because I can't relax.

Any thoughts as to how I can break this feeding cycle and get back to where I was most appreciated. I am very tired, emotional and desperate.

He's putting on weight really well and is a healthy baby. I did think it was a growth spurt but he's very calm and settled in the day time so it doesn't really make sense.

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