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Getting a 14 week old to sleep

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Lime8 Mon 22-Dec-14 22:00:03

We have a 14 week old that has got into the habit of only drifting off whilst we hold him (like a little baby) and walk him around. If I sit down he screams. He is a great sleeper at night, we put him straight down after feed and he wriggles for a bit but drifts off quietly.

Day naps and putting him down at 7ish for bed are not the same. We must walk him around for up to half hour he then can be put down and generally does a full sleep/nap.

Trouble is, he weighs a stone now and my back is killing me! Swing doesn't work.

Feeding does but I do not want him to associate food with sleep. Also car works but again I can't keep getting in car and driving round.

Why can he do it at night but not during day! Help! Any tips appreciated.

firsttimemumma2014 Tue 23-Dec-14 08:03:19

Hi - I have had pretty much the same issue. My DS sleeps really well at night but daytime naps are a different story. I have been using the same settling techniques I use at night. I put him down/ in the rocker awake when I see he is tired. If he cries I leave him a minute or so and if he doesn't settle I get him out and shush/ pat over my shoulder. As soon as he calms I put him back. If he cries again I repeat repeat repeat!

I have been doing this over the last week and he slowly seems to be getting the message. He doesn't sleep every time, we probably manage it about 25% of the time, but it is getting better.

Are you putting him down in his cot? I haven't tried that, I usually keep the cot (in his nursery) for nighttime sleeps. But I have read that it's best to get baby used to taking daytime naps in the same place as they sleep at night. That's my next mission!

Good luck with yours....

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