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Bedtime breastfeed for babies over 12 months - please tell me about your routine

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Quietlyalert Mon 22-Dec-14 09:08:24

hi all, originally posted this in feeding talk but really it is more to do with sleep. i'm currently breastfeeding my 12 month old twice a day, morning and evening before her bed. the evening feeds usually last between 45 min to an hour and I feed her to sleep (she's never gone to sleep in the evening without being breastfed). In the day she will self settle for nap/s in her cot after a bit of grumbling. i guess the evening routine has worked for us until now so never felt the need to try to get her to bed without a breastfeed. however, i'm now at the stage where whilst i want to keep breastfeeding i'd like a bit of freedom in the evening and to be able to go away for a night to visit friends etc, and wondering about changing the routine so she's not totally reliant on me / breast to get to sleep in the evening. what makes it slightly more complicated is that she's never had a bottle of formula due to having a milk allergy so we've been totally reliant on breastfeeding so far, however as she's over 12 months she doesn't need breast or formula any more and she will drink oat milk from a sippy cup in the day.

i guess i'd just like to know how other breastfeeding mums 'do' evenings once their babies are bit older. do you feed to sleep still, and if not, what do you do? do you ever skip a breastfeed in the evening and either you or dad give other milk or formula? i'm wondering about giving breastfeed before bath, then letting dad take over bed (putting her in cot and helping her to self settle). dad is not always back in time for bed though, so it may just be me for a while, and i fear she may refuse to settle without the breast. also what time do your babies go to bed? we usually do bath at 6.30 then feeding by 7 so its usually 8pm by the time she's in bed and asleep, then usually sleeps through til 7. i'm wondering about bringing the feed forward a bit so i can have a bit more of an evening.

would appreciate any advice / experiences to help us plan new evening strategy! thanks.

Pusspuss1 Mon 22-Dec-14 20:12:14

She's a really good sleeper, lucky you!

My 16mo goes into his cot about 7.30 - 7.45pm and falls asleep within 10 mins.

Re feeding to sleep, we just stopped. Feed her before her bath (that's a seriously long feed by our standards - more like 15/20 mins max here!) then we get him into his pjs, read a story, say goodnight and into cot. She won't like it the first few times if she's used to feeding to sleep, but if you just stay with her and reassure her, she will go to sleep eventually, esp as she's already settling herself for naps. Your other half might find it easier than you to do the first couple of nights, because she won't be expecting milk from him.

I don't give any formula, or cows milk usually either - I just bf.


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