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Co sleeping transition

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MrsLilac Mon 22-Dec-14 08:52:01

I have a 4 week old baby girl and I'm worried about sleep. From day one she really hated being put down (don't all babies!?) so she spent lots of time sleeping in our arms. We are sometimes able to put her down in the day (we have a 'sleep nest') but not always. At night I ended up co sleeping because as soon as I put her in her sleep nest in the cot which is next to the bed, she wakes up screaming.

Anyway, now im worried that she has already gotten too used to this and won't ever sleep in her crot. I keep trying to put her in it but she wakes up and I'm so tired I always just bring her to bed. I realise she is still so young.

Has anyone else co slept for the first few weeks / months and then been able to transition to a cot? How did you do it? At what age?

Solasum Mon 22-Dec-14 08:58:02

Enjoy it while it lasts! envy at newborn cuddles

DS didn't really go in his cot at all for 3 months, then one day I tried putting him in as an experiment after 11pm feed and he slept fine.

I am a big believer in children doing things at their own pace. I thought about sleep training to get DS to go to sleep on his own, having been mostly feeding to sleep. Then suddenly at about 9 months he was happy to be put down 'drowsy but awake', would play in his cot for a bit, then fall asleep on his own.

Your DD will not want to sleep with you forever, worry not!

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