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Sleepless misery - help

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tinymeteor Mon 22-Dec-14 01:21:10

Not sure what to say except: is there anyone out there who knows how I'm feeling now? I am so frigging tired. 8mo daughter has had a cold for 3weeks and sleep is a nightmare, obviously. Now well over the worst of it but still snotty enough to wake every hour or two, and the fun new twist is her previously good ability to self-settle has evaporated. Not sure if it's teeth, the bunged up nose, the fact that she's just got a new bag of motor skills to play with (sitting up in the cot, wants to toddle all day holding onto my fingers, will crawl if no better option) but she just won't. Fucking. Sleep.
I'm broken. She's yodelling in the cot next door now. DH is in the spare room. I would like to be anywhere else but here. I know it usually all looks better in daylight but that's a long way off from here...
Just need sympathy really. sad

rainydays4 Mon 22-Dec-14 01:39:05

6mo DD has just learned to roll over and she loves doing it all night! No teeth yet but there's definitely signs so I expect that's bothering her also. She's very, very loud and I expect our neighbours hate us grin

No advice to give but just letting you know there's someone else feeling exactly the same way!

Hope you get some sleep soon.

tinymeteor Mon 22-Dec-14 02:04:47

Thanks rainydays! Yep, rolling was a fun phase too. DD was obsessive about it for a while, then the novelty seemed to wear off. Maybe this is the same thing - too much new stuff going on for her to rest. I could do without the yelling though hmm She's now been up and wriggling for 2.5hours. Tonight looks set to be an epic.

Jeanniejampots80 Mon 22-Dec-14 02:13:21

Totally get it. My 8m has been sick for two months solid (crecheitis) she turned the corner last week for a few days and then got another cold Friday and now I am writing this from A&E where we are admitted with bronchiolitis, no beds so on a chair, she is asleep on my lap and afraid to move as she has not slept all night and little guy next door has CP and is miserable so moaning constantly at the top of his voice poor chap so not a chance of a snooze for me. I thought I was tired before but god I reckon this will finish me.

rainydays4 Mon 22-Dec-14 03:08:34

Well I'm still awake! confused

tinymeteor Mon 22-Dec-14 09:13:42

Sorry to hear that Jeannie, that sounds brutal. Hope your little one is on the mend soon and you get some kip. Hugs

bambinibop Mon 22-Dec-14 09:45:13

I sympathise. My 10 month old isn't sleeping well at the moment, first she had a cold, then another cold, then teething, learning to stand, trying to toddle, another cold and it just seems never ending! Now she's just in a habit I think of waking at certain times every night. It's hard!!

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