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Sleep training one year old

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soloula Fri 19-Dec-14 12:35:20

We're in the fortunate position that once DD gets to sleep she usually sleeps through the night and if she does wake then she usually has a wee cry then rolls back over and goes back to sleep but we're hoping to encourage her to self soothe at bed time and at nap time too rather than cuddles for naps (and the odd occasion she wakes at night) and cuddles and milk at bedtime.

Bedtime routine just now is dinner at 5.30pm, playtime with daddy when he gets home, bath at 6.30pm and then she gets a sippy cup of warm milk from daddy to sleep. Usually down for about 7.15-7.30 - sometimes needs cuddles after milk. If we put her down awake she screams the place down and can get herself in a right state. Once she's settled she can sleep right through a good 12-13 hours. Sometimes if she wakes she has a wee cry and then goes back over herself but if she wakes later in the night into the wee small hours then she tends to need cuddles to get back to sleep.

Nap time varies but she usually has one nap for up to an hour (occasionally more if we've been at a class or done something extra stimulating/tiring). Naps are usually just before or after lunch.

Just looking for some advice/success stories to how we encourage her to self soothe. DH is off for a couple of weeks at Christmas so thinking this may be the ideal time to try and improve the sleeping situation. smile

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