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5 month old not sleeping neighbours not helping

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firsttimekat Fri 19-Dec-14 08:36:49

5 month old DS had a dreadful night last night and the night before following a run of good ones. Last night he just wouldn't settle after a feed at 10.30ish. Every time I put him down he screamed and I'd pick him up. Finally got him to lie down happy if not asleep and ventured back to bed. He was awake and talking to himself but happy. It turned into crying and I was just getting up when the neighbours started banging on the wall hmm.

DH left us to sleep on the sofa so brought DS into bed with me as he seemed to find the closeness reassuring even if he and I didn't sleep. DH came out of the shower and banged the door closed just as DS seemed to be dropping off and I burst into tears. DH then stood on the landing listening to me cry before getting dressed in the other room and leaving for work. Didn't ask me how I was or anything. I know he has to work and I expect to do the night shift but a little sympathy wouldn't have gone a miss.

Just venting really, so exhausted and have a very lively DS who wants to play and worried about the neighbours coming round to complain hmm

icklekid Fri 19-Dec-14 08:41:12

Oh no how horrible I'd be more upset about dh than neighbours although I know neither are nice. My ds is also 5 months and as he normally sleeps well (just wakes early) when he doesn't its always really tough as used to sleeping. Ds also is comforted by lying next to me. Discuss with dh when he gets home (once baby asleep) so he knows what upset you and come to an agreement on what you both should do if situation repeats. I would be tempted to put a Christmas card next door apologising for noise and explaining your doing your best to minimise disruption and hope they can understand that banging on the wall doesn't help. Hope tonight is better x

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