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When did you introduce a pillow?

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Millie3030 Thu 18-Dec-14 16:59:54

Just that really, reading different things on the internet, so when did you start using a pillow in their cot or bed?

pigwitch Thu 18-Dec-14 17:02:32

Around 18 month/ 2 years I think.

Christmasbargainshopper Thu 18-Dec-14 17:03:49

Around 18 months, but it was used more to stop ds hitting his head on the headboard. He liked to sleep with the top of his head resting on it. smile

ThinkIveBeenHacked Thu 18-Dec-14 17:03:52

About two. I got a cot pillow from IKEA, which is really thin, and dd is three and still uses it.

Snowflakepie Thu 18-Dec-14 17:04:54

DS was always happier curled up with a pillow in our bed, so age 1 in his cot, but it is quite thin. Dd never seemed to care and had one in her bed at age 2 but mostly pushes it out and lies flat. I was happy with it once they were 1.

Tzibeleh Thu 18-Dec-14 17:09:12

When my children asked for one, which was generally at about 3yo. They didn't actually use it for sleeping for several years, though. Until then they wanted to have a pillow like mummy/daddy/big sister did, and liked curling up on it for reading in bed, but usually pushed it away for actual sleep.

LoblollyBoy Thu 18-Dec-14 17:10:07

When she got a bed. She was about two and a half.

scottygirl5 Thu 18-Dec-14 18:36:46

Exactly the same as loblollyboy

Millie3030 Thu 18-Dec-14 21:28:23

Thanks ladies, also, what about a duvet? Do yours have one and keep it on? Or have blankets?
When are they old enough to lose the blankets with holes in (brain has gone to mush can't remember their names) as mine still has 2 of them. He is 18months this month, but he has a big sleep bag and then usually kicks off the ones with holes in. Just wondering when duvets then take over and it's just pajamas and a duvet?

NotCitrus Thu 18-Dec-14 22:33:24

Mine were in grobags/no pillow until a bit before/after 3. Though dd got a pillow a bit earlier to prop her up when she had a cold - ds just had one end of the cotbed propped up.

Duvet was put sideways, half under the mattress, to stop child falling out.

fishfingerSarnies Thu 18-Dec-14 22:37:42

About 18 months did pillow and duvet as couldn't get her to keep a grow bag on and she was using a teddy as a pillow.
Played games about going to bed so she could practice covering herself up with her duvet if she got cold.
Guess it depends on the child and what what works for you.

WrappedInABlankie Fri 19-Dec-14 00:03:31

My ds had a pillow at 9months and a duvet at the same time he's never slept under a duvet though he sleeps under a green throw from primark

scottygirl5 Sun 21-Dec-14 06:01:02

Duvet at 2.5 years, same as pillow, when she moved into big bed with bed guard. Pajamas and a vest or just pajamas, sometimes with a blanket over the duvet. Has over thrown it off.

ilovepowerhoop Sun 21-Dec-14 20:56:04

pillows and duvets are ok from age 1. DS had a grobag until he was 2 1/2 years old and got a duvet after that when he went into a big bed.

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