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Toddler transition to bed

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LisaE2312 Thu 18-Dec-14 08:26:15

After a bit of advice. My son will be 2 next week. He's a great sleeper, sleeps soundly from about 7-7. At the weekend he got over-tired and wouldn't nap so we left him to cry. To our horror he climbed out his cot in his rage! We decided it would be a good time to transition to a toddler bed.

We explained to him we were putting him in his big boy bed, kept a calm routine and got him to sleep ok to start with (had to put him back in 10-20 times). He then woke progressively earlier each night and took longer to go back to sleep each time. We followed the usual advice of no eye contact, no talking, no cuddling and put him back in bed, pulled over the covers and left the room. He instantly got up, started crying and tried the door handle. After the 4th horrendous night we are now thinking maybe he isn't ready. Last night was more than 2 hours of continuously putting him back and it is getting worse rather than better (we've always been happy to leave him to cry and results usually take no longer than about 4 days!).

Any thoughts? Is there such a thing as readiness on this issue? Are we making a fight when we could wait 6 months and he'll be more ready? We have asked him if he wants to nap in his bed in the day and he says no. It remains to be seen but I think if we put him back in the cot he might go back to sleeping soundly through and only climb out in the morning. Other than the safety risk of him falling (carpets, rugs and pillows should sort that!) I don't mind that as long as he stays in at night. He has a little brother due in 3 months so if it is not now then we prob have to wait a lot longer (I'd buy another cot if necessary!). Do we persevere or try waiting until he's more ready?

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