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Struggle with sleep

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yhatzee1 Tue 16-Dec-14 21:10:18

Looking for some help and advice on a matter that's really getting my down.

My little girl is 19 months old. She's never been a fantastic sleeper or napper but she did ok, however these past few months have been worse.

She goes to bed at 6:30pm as she is really tired. We have to sit with her until she's asleep (no interaction) we did cry it out at 8 months old, which worked for her going to sleep by herself, but then she was ill etc and I don't want to do cry it out again.

Anyway. I don't mind the putting to bed as it only takes 10/15 minutes. However she wakes a lot through the night winging. Mostly she settles herself, sometimes we have to go in.

Anyway like clockwork 5:20am she's awake!

She's not had enough sleep as 1) she's grouchy. 2) she's tired by 7am and 3) on a very rare occasion she sleeps to 6:30/7 she is a different child. Happy.

I've tried everything at 5:20am. She's not too cold or too hot. There's no noise to wake her. She's not hungry or thirsty. It's not too light in her room.

I go in and try to settle her but she won't. I tried bringing her in with me (not what I want but if it meant we got the sleep we both needed) but she just wants to watch TV in my bed.

She naps in the day. She's not very good at napping in nursery 3 days a week. She will have anything from 15 mins to 90 mins. But the other 4 days she had a 2 hour nap. But nighttime sleep does not change throughout the week.

I feel so down about her nighttime eep as she's always tired and grumpy

Any tips???

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