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Am I causing trouble..?

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LindsayS79 Tue 16-Dec-14 17:44:31

Hi all
DD 17 mo is teething badly and has been for about a month. However she's been terribly clingy the past few days with it. She's always been a great sleeper and settles herself at night.
However she's just started screaming when I leave the room and waking through the night and only settling when I pick her up or take her to bed with me. She's never co-slept as she likes her own space so I've been moving her into her cot again once she's asleep.
Does anyone have any experience of falling into this routine and it becoming a habit?
I'd be gutted at all the effort of getting her to sleep so well going out the window. She's a clever wee thing so I hope she's not going to start bedtime shenanigans once her gums are better!

FrancieHurley Thu 18-Dec-14 02:00:54

Taking kid to your is an easy way for both of you, but yeah, it's causing an annoying habit. Your little daughter is old enough to sleep separately.

TanteRose Thu 18-Dec-14 02:10:13

she is still tiny, teething and illness is miserable, poor little thing - if she goes to sleep with you, and then you can transfer to her cot, then do that for the time being.

it won't be forever, and she obviously needs the comfort of her mum when she goes to sleep.

you can try normal bedtimes in a couple of weeks.

its not all smooth transition from one developmental stage to the next - they are not machines and can jump from being "good sleepers" to "not so good" and then back again!

hope her teeth come through soon flowers

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