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Is it time to move to the toddler bed? Climbing out when upset!

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LovelyWeatherForDucks Mon 15-Dec-14 19:39:48

DS is 2.2 and never been great at going to sleep or going back to sleep if (when!) he wakes. Often means some howling at bedtime or during the night as being in the room etc doesn't particularly help the process. However, in the last few days after putting him to bed and leaving him to whine I've found him standing next to his cot, having climbed out! He's not upset by it and manages to do it without hurting himself but this suggests its time for a bed as there is potential for him hurting himself, night time wandering etc (though we have a stair gate and he would probably cry before leaving the side of his cot!). Just not sure if it might make things worse and we should focus on getting him to go to sleep peacefully (therefore no need to climb out?) - things are improving now and thinking the bed might mess things up again? Though over Christmas is a good time to do it with me and DH off work etc. Not sure I can face it, I'm also newly pregnant and knackered!! Thoughts / experiences please? Hoping for lots of positive stories of bad sleepers moving to toddler bed!

BringYourOwnSnowman Mon 15-Dec-14 19:44:39

As soon as mine could climb out I moved them to a (single) bed. He's not happy in his cot so don't think his sleep will get worse in a new bed.

Get a full size single so dh can go and lie next to him of he wakes!!

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