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Toddler and child waking in night...please help!

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IandEMummy Mon 15-Dec-14 08:12:20

Ok - a bit of background:
We've got 3 kids - ds is 4, dd1 is 2 and dd2 is 3 months.
Dd1 was v ill aged 3 months and was in hospital for some time. She found it hard to sleep as was in a lot of pain and has slept in our bed since then, until 2 weeks ago. She goes to sleep in her own bed and tries to come in ours any time after 11ish. She is completely well now.
Ds has always slept well in his own bed, but in the last 2 months has become more and more scared of monsters, and started coming in bed with us as well. It was too squashed with everyone in, and ds didn't sleep well with us as he constantly complained of being squashed/too hot etc.
So 2 weeks ago we decided to to stop them coming in at all. Dh took on the task of this as I have to feed dd2 when she wakes up (which is a lot but that's another story!)
So basically it worked and they don;t try to come in our bed anyomre - a small win though as they both still constantly wake in the night! Last night we got up 8 times between us from 10 till half 1 to deal with them. They don't want anything except snuggles or to hold hands.
We just put them back in bed and go back out.
What can we do to prevent this constant night waking? It is too much! We are finding it hard to cope with especially with the baby as well.
Any advice would be so great! Thanks in advance xx

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