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2 year olds sleep is getting worse

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Shumba123 Fri 12-Dec-14 05:52:40

Hi all, my 2 year old has never been a gret sleeper - only started sleeping through the night at 14months, light sleeper too. But she's started to wake multiple times a night - anywhere between 2-8 times. The only way she'll go back to sleep is if I sit on the floor in her room till she's alseep sometimes I'm here for 1 - 2 hrs.

A lot has happened in her little world in the last year:
At 10 months old we moved from Hong Kong to bermuda - she settled very quickly though
At 18 months we moved from bermuda to bangkok - again settled really well and I could put her down and let her babble to herself until he fell asleep.
Then at 22 months we move back to the UK, lied with family for 3 weeks and have been in new place for 2 weeks.
She has a estime routine - dinner 5pm, bath 6:45, story time 7:15 and BF before sleep at 7:30.
But since we've been back she's needed me to sit by her for until she falls asleep and screams non stop if I leave the room.

I'm so tired and cranky - any tips please.

Tanukisan Fri 12-Dec-14 06:21:32

No tips, just sympathy as my 22mo does this and he doesn't have any excuses!

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