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10 week old baby (preemie) won't sleep AT ALL

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Mumtobenovember Fri 12-Dec-14 01:26:16

My little dd is 10 weeks old she was born 8 weeks prem she is still very much like a newborn baby. She would sleep for 3-5 hours in the night initially and then when she got towards her due date things changed BIG TIME she sleeps a lot during the day and is impossible to wake but then wakes up and is wide awake at 11pm and then won't settle until 2!! She then won't go in her cot and has to be settled several times in the night. I'm utterly exhausted I cry in the night with sheer frustration because I feel like I can't cope it's so hard. Any tips or advice is welcome I am a first time mum and feel like I'm shit!

itwillbecold Fri 12-Dec-14 02:01:07

Hi Mumtobenovember I think you should change your name as you have graduated with distinction smile. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter. I have two very grown up ones and they are wonderful. You are not shit!!!! You have had a baby who was born very early, and any new baby is exhausting, with all the extra worry involved. Unfortunately the little darlings do suit themselves when it comes to eating and sleeping.

Because she was early you would have been visiting / staying at the hospital instead of resting/gazing at your baby while she ate and slept. Try to go with the flow a bit more. As she is your first can you get a bit more sleep during the day if she is more settled. It's not a criminal offence to sleep during the day even if it is alien to your previous lifestyle when you probably only did it at the weekends grin.

Life will settle into a pattern soon enough. Be kind to yourself you have been very busy with this little one. If you are still feeling very low please speak to your GP or health visitor for some support xx

munchkinmaster Fri 12-Dec-14 02:12:58

Normal newborn behaviour. Your milk is best at that time and baby is pre-programmed to be up and looking for it. Even if she's bottle fed she won't know any different.

My first was up 11-4 or 5. I'd have killed to get to bed at 2am.

It'll pass but make sure you have her sleeping in the light during day, wake her up every 3 or 4 hours for feeds.

I find tv with the subtitles on and sound off can pass a few hours of baby juggling.

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