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What do you do to get to sleep ???

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melsy Sat 17-Apr-04 15:17:15

I have terrible problems sometimes , especially around end of cycle. Also have snoring dh syndrome i.e I get a quiet window & just wait for the next snort!!! My citalopram just doesnt do the job of relaxing me in the evening like seroxat did. I do breathing excersise & self hypnoosis , but around the AF time I just cant seem to get anything to work. I dont like milk at all, and also try warm baths (but I prefer hot baths!!). Anyone have any good tips apart from diazapam!!!

mummysurfer Sat 17-Apr-04 15:20:49

i think of something very monotonous(sp?). the alphabet game - think of fuits/veg/cities/rivers with each letter in turn. rarely get beyond 'g'.

melsy Sat 17-Apr-04 16:28:01

Ill have to try that one.

goosey Sat 17-Apr-04 16:56:31

Close your eyes and concentrate on 'looking into' the blackness. This always works for me.

melsy Sat 17-Apr-04 17:00:37

Sometimes I am just really really tired , but just dont feel sleepy. I would get up and read ,but dont even have the energy for that.

melsy Sat 17-Apr-04 17:03:38

just sat here trying to do the alphabet fruits, getting stuck on C !!! Must be tired.

anyone find its worse if you go to bed really late. I tend not to be able to relax and then still wake up early the next day.

goosey Sat 17-Apr-04 17:05:21

Well there is one thing that I do on my own that ALWAYS does the trick - but is a bit too rude to mention iykwim

melsy Sat 17-Apr-04 17:08:51

LOL goosey , really hadnt thought of that!!!

mummysurfer Sat 17-Apr-04 17:30:03

c - clementines

papillon Sat 17-Apr-04 18:17:49

Hope you had a fun time last night.
When I was pregnant and found going to sleep difficult - I would listen to relaxing music of the soothing kind - this really helped me get to sleep.

Also ear plugs for me block out *unnecessary* noise - ie snoring!

jac34 Sat 17-Apr-04 18:29:59

Try listening to a talking book on a walkman, I used to do this all the time when I used to suffer with insomnia.Still have to resort to it sometimes when really stressed.
If your not sure it will work, don't buy one, they have loads in the library.

lou33 Sat 17-Apr-04 18:32:52

I beg my children to leave me alone.

frogs Sat 17-Apr-04 19:14:08

Radio 4, Today in Parliament at 11.30pm. The best insomnia cure known to humankind. Every time Parliament has a recess (or whatever they call it) I curse myself for not taping earlier broadcasts.

oiseau Sat 17-Apr-04 19:33:29

I try and remember the names of everyone in my class at school. Always works.

GeorginaA Sat 17-Apr-04 19:35:50

I have a hypnotherapy tape (this one is for pregnancy/childbirth, but I think I'm going to get a generic destress one for after the birth) which I find relaxes me incredibly well. Put it this way, I never ever hear the whole of the second side

tatcity Sat 17-Apr-04 19:35:56

Melsy -

I too have to sleep next to a road drill every night - and have recently made a discovery.

I am very cynical when it comes "natural" remedies - until a friend of mine bought me lavender pump or essential oil pump.

Its a little machine - looks like a baby bottle warmer, and it has a sort of filter thing at the bottom which you add lavender oil to - if you need to sleep.

I have experimented with it over the past couple of weeks - and it seems to work wonders. REally relaxes me and helps me to drift off - have hardly noticed the snorer at all.

I'm not sure where you get them from i think they're about 25 quid - I know my friend got it from the World of Country Living (magazine) show.

YOu've probably tried this but have you tried putting lavender oil in your bath at night?

Good luck!

Lisa78 Sat 17-Apr-04 19:36:55

I read until I fall asleep! Drives DH mad

israel Sat 17-Apr-04 19:40:21 4...the shipping forcast....mind you when they start saying...rising ..rising slowely...I do have an inclination to wake dh

Kayleigh Sat 17-Apr-04 19:42:23

Have to watch something boring on telly, or switch the radio on.

I find lavender oil in the bath great for relaxing.

Evita Sat 17-Apr-04 19:47:38

Read a book, always works even if it takes a while.

WideWebWitch Sat 17-Apr-04 21:59:56

Sex works for me. It would stop your dh snoring too

popsycal Sat 17-Apr-04 22:02:38

put my head on the pillow

afew years ago (being serious now...) I had real bad insomnia for 6 months or so -would be up for hours in the night so I know how you feel. I never had problems going to sleep but woke around 1am til about 4am or so. There is a realxation exercise - fairly common place - where you tense then relax every 'body part' starting at your toes and working up.
Tell me if you want any more details

charliecat Sat 17-Apr-04 22:05:55

I read until my eyes cant stay open for a second longer!

SEXGODDESS Sat 17-Apr-04 22:10:08

I read until I can't keep my eyes open but my dh hates any lights on so I have one of the kids star shaped touch lights which I prop on my pillow facing the book and can just click it off with my eyes shut. Alternatively, I play "Pairs" or "Bantumi" on my dd's mobile phone - V sad

Demented Sat 17-Apr-04 22:44:20

I read but DH isn't into reading just now, so it drives him nuts.

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