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Anyone else doing sleep training at the moment? Dd is 14 mths.

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Sunshine200 Wed 10-Dec-14 20:11:22

So, this is night 4...
Dd has been waking generally 3 times a night when I have been breast feeding her to get her back to sleep (I know, I know!). Most of the time she will stay awake and cry for an hour during one of those wake ups.

I have heard too many stories of older toddlers still going through the same or worse so I've decided I need to act now.

Dh and i have had many arguments in the past in how to deal with this and none of my softer approaches have helped. We are now going for the tough, (but hopefully quick) approach. I have not fed her for 3 nights now but as she was sick in her cot last night (prob through crying) and I can feel my armour cracking, but I know if I give in that will be 3 nights wasted.

Anyone going through the same, or want to give me a boost to keep going?

Sunshine200 Fri 12-Dec-14 04:55:01

Argh, night 5. Dd slept until 4, which is great, but has now been crying for an hour ... I'm about to cave, will give her another 5 mins.

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