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13 month old doesn't sleep - willing to try anything now!

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duckduckgoose1 Wed 10-Dec-14 12:40:52

Any tips or techniques greatly appreciated.

DD has always been a bad sleeper at night. I was breastfeeding 1-2 hourly until 9 months.

At 9 months I stopped breast feeding and thought I had cracked it when she started to sleep 7pm-1am then wake for a bottle then sleep 1am-6am. This was fine, I got sleep, we all got sleep and all was good. She would lay in her cot awake and fall asleep by herself.

A few weeks ago she had a cough and a cold. Snotty, sore throat, coughing etc. She got very out of routine as she was so grumpy and miserable from being ill she just wanted to be held and cuddled all the time and so we lay down on our bed with her til she fell asleep and had her downstairs sleeping on one of our laps all evening propped up when she was coughing lots.

She is now over her cold but won't sleep. She will go to bed as usual 7-8pm and fall asleep in her cot after little bit of grumbling but she is wide awake and screaming 20/30mins later. It's not too hot or cold she's not hungry or thirsty or wet nappy - she's just crying. She will only sleep again if I lay in bed with her but even if I lay there 30mins until she's full asleep the nano second I move her she wakes up screaming. However, even when she is in bed with me she is restless, wriggling and waking every hour or so.

I can't let her scream until she falls asleep as we have 3 other children at primary school who all need to sleep. But I can't work out what else to do? If I stay in the room and say "shhhh" and rub/pat her back it seems to wind her up and she screams more. If I try and lay on our bed (next to her cot) and let her know I'm just there whilst she falls asleep she stands up to see me and screams. She's so so tired that she thrashes around and bashes herself on the cot sides - another reason I can't just let her cry it out. She also calls down to me "mummmeeee!" "helllooooo mummmeeee!" and it breaks my heart to hear her and not go to her.

She is teething. She's only 13 months and has 8 teeth already and is currently cutting another 8! teeth all at once (two at the back on each side top and bottom) so I've tried teething gel but that doesn't help. I'm not at all convinced that it's her teeth causing the problem though as she didn't have this last time with the other 8 and she shows no obvious signs of teething pains - not finger chewing, no red cheeks, no dribbling/rash no touching her mouth etc.

So basically I have to go to bed (DP won't do, she screams for me) when she does or she screams so much she wakes the other children up. This is just getting ridiculous now and I have to change it asap. We have to get up at 7am and she's so tired she never wants to wake up so is then grumpy for the morning and falling asleep by 0930 on the way back from the school run!


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