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2.1 year old bedtime screaming!

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LovelyWeatherForDucks Mon 08-Dec-14 19:22:31

DS has never been a great sleeper but the last few weeks has been a total nightmare at bedtime. Screaming blue murder as soon as put into cot (after bath,milk, teeth, stories) and screaming even harder when I leave the room. I just want him to go to sleep happy! It's ruining my evenings (end up constantly going in and out for cuddles, reassurance, when he chucks stuff out his cot, etc) and barely relax before which time I need to go to bed! (8 weeks pg and knackered). I hate hearing him scream but I haven't found any solutions that don't involve him screaming himself to sleep! I occasionally lie on the floor next to him but that's not a long term solution and still involves screaming!! Any bright ideas please?! DH not much help due to work and at the weekends DS only wants me anyway hmm

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