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descent into hell...why is this happening?!

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scottygirl5 Fri 05-Dec-14 22:55:21

After DD1 who was/is a terrible sleeper I was so happy that DD2 slept better. For the first 10 weeks she was feeding roughly twice a night, about 12ish and 4ish, going down between 8-9 when newborn and 7-8 from about 7 weeks. She had even managed feeding just once on a few occasions after 7-8 hour stretches.

In the last 3 weeks she has got progressively worse, often waking several times before midnight and hourly from about 3-5am after which she won't go back to sleep. So far this evening she has woken every 30-90 minutes. I either feed her (she's ebf) or hold her hand (after bringing her into my bed) depending how long it is since her last feed. She's so tired she sometimes doesn't manage to feed for long, probably contributing to the problem.

What could be going on? Too early for 4 month sleep regression, doesn't seem ill, no sign of teeth...I'm stumped and really stressed, also terrified of ending up co sleeping with a baby who wakes hourly like last time. sad Any ideas/suggestions/sympathy?!

Hedgehogging Sat 06-Dec-14 07:26:05

We had something like this.

There's a major growth spurt at 12 weeks (isn't there always?) that for my DD then merged with the 4 month sleep regression.

It was nails but it did end! Took about 5-6 weeks altogether but wasn't intensely bad for that long- just seemed to slowly improve.

I feel your pain brew

scottygirl5 Sat 06-Dec-14 16:16:20

Thank you! We're at nearly 14 weeks so desperate for it to get better. Did you find it went back to pre regression levels? I knew I had it good before and I want it like that again!

Hedgehogging Sat 06-Dec-14 17:55:45

It was better than pre-regression for a while actually!

Sadly we are rolling back downhill again at the min with a bit of separation anxiety, but I remain eternally optimistic grin.

Hope things improve for you soon. Sleep deprivation is cruel. thanks

screamathon Sun 07-Dec-14 19:51:11

Having exactly the same problem here OP with 15 week old DS. Not sure what is going on, he used to be such a good sleeper (relatively speaking(. Many sympathies, I really hope it passes too.

scottygirl5 Sun 07-Dec-14 22:36:24

screamathon sorry you're going through this too but for some reason it does help knowing it's not just us, even if I still don't know why it's happening!

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