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7 month old, separation anxiety?

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Hedgehogging Fri 05-Dec-14 20:04:21

DD is just over 7 months old and sleep is going to pot lately.

She used to go down awake after bedtime routine and BF and would drift off on her own. She has always woken up two or three times a night but, again, would settle back after either a feed or popping a soother in.

In the last week or so she's been fighting going down- cries as soon as I leave the room and, even when I return, she grumps and sort of whinges a bit, and tonight reached for me to pick her up (melt).

It's the same for her night wakenings- she'll be very slow to settle back to sleep. Even co-sleeping (which we do when necessary) and feeding didn't help last night and she sort of rolled about and grumbled beside me for a good hour between cuddles before I took her in my arms and fed her yet again and she finally slept.

Same tonight- crying once I leave the room, quietens a bit when I return but still fighting sleep. I ended up rocking her to sleep just now (which is fine but she is getting a bit heavy!) and she spent ages gazing up at me trying to keep her eyes open before finally succumbing!

I'm pretty certain she's not teething or in pain.

Any similar experiences? Does this sound like the beginnings of separation anxiety? She'll happily stay with the childminder in the mornings but she's been with her since 4 months of age so they are very well bonded. I'm not up for CC, just want to know if I'm doing the right thing with the cuddles/rocking/feeding/whatever it takes and I'm not going to end up ruining her lovely "going to sleep" pattern. Also I'm knackered and would love there to be some light at the end of the tunnel fsad

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