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Is it ok for baby to nap in bouncy chair?

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Eminybob Thu 04-Dec-14 08:45:29

After weeks of struggling to get 20 week old DS to go down for naps in his cot, I have given up and just let him sleep on me during the day, after either a feed or a rock.

I have discovered that although he always wakes if I try and put him in his cot once asleep, he doesn't if I put him in his bouncy chair. He's napping in there at the moment quite happily.

However I'm worried about this, I know they are not meant to be slept in and he's all scrunched up. Or is it just overnight that it's a no no? He usually only naps for 30-45 mins, occasionally longer up to a max of 2 hrs.

sambababy Fri 05-Dec-14 13:28:00

I think it's fine Eminybob. Bouncy chairs tend to be quite flat at the back. Car seats are a no no as they're scrunched up. My DD is 7mo and has napped in her bouncy chair most days for months! Normally no more than 40mins but I wouldn't be worried if it were longer. hth

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