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3 year old forgotten how to go to sleep

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rhetorician Wed 03-Dec-14 20:29:50

DD2 is 3 (tomorrow); for the last couple of weeks (maybe more) we do bedtime routine (lots of messing about), go to bed, read/tell stories, leave. She then starts wailing as soon as we've left the room, "stay for a little while", but once you go back in she chats and plays around. Threaten to leave. Leave. Wailing immediately starts up again. She used to go to bed, and then go to sleep and that was that. It's 8.30 and she isn't asleep - and has to get up at 7 - I always have to wake her, and if I left her, it would be more like 8/8.30. I can't really just leave her to it, because she shares with DD1 (almost 6). I need my evenings back! tonight I have to make birthday cake, varnish a floor and that's before i even go near any non-domestic work. Ideas? Just a phase? Anything I can do? (she has been going through a super-clingy control freakery stage)

busyboysmum Wed 03-Dec-14 20:32:25

Does she still nap in the day? We had to drop ds3's nap at this age as he was doing the messing about at bedtime thing. He's just turned 3 and now sleeps 7-7 without any bother.

rhetorician Wed 03-Dec-14 20:35:15

no, hasn't had a nap since about 18 months old, so alas, dropping nap not an option!

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