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14month old has never slept a whole night.

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Joshuasmum13 Mon 01-Dec-14 17:56:40

I'm really hoping someone can help me. Basically my son is 14 months old, and in his whole life he's slept through the night about 5 times, some nights won't be too bad he'll wake up once or twice just for his dummy, then there will be other nights when he'll be up all night crying, it's got to a point where I heard my neighbours moaning about him which upset me so much. I've tried the crying method, it didn't work. I've tried putting him in my bed, it doesn't work. I've tried feeding him again during the night yet he doesn't want it. I try soothing music, a night light, nothing helps! He rarely sleeps in his pushchair when I'm out, if he does sleep he'll really try to fight it and cry for ages. My family have given me so much advise but no one understands, I'm in my 20s I work and attend college, I'm a busy person yet I live on barely any sleep. My son cut his first teeth when he was 10months old, and at the moment his top teeth are cutting threw too, but it can't be anything to do with his teeth as it's not something that's recently happened, it's been since he was a new born. Is anyone else's children like mine? I feel like I've literally tried everything!

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