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Getting back to good night sleeping (and no feeding) after illness

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DougalTheCheshireCat Mon 01-Dec-14 06:56:17

Anyone got any wise counsel on this please. I have had enough. Been up since 4am, got a busy week etc.

DD is 18 months. We are still breast feeding. We have successfully stopped feeding in the night and got better / sleeping through the night sleeping three times now since she turned one. The first time it lasted a couple of weeks then she went though a massive teething bout (cut 4 back molars all at once) which took us backward for a couple of months.

Second time at 16 months it was easy to get it back, I did it myself (first time DH went in to soothe instead) in a couple of nights with minimum fuss. The she got a bad cold with hacking cough, which took us backward for a couple of weeks.

Third time was ok, with the 'send DH In to support and soothe approach' took a couple of nights then good sleeping established. Lasted until she got bronchiolitis two weeks ago. She was pretty ill so obviously I feed her as needed (she barely ate for a week), and slept with her to make sure she was safe. But how to get good night sleeping back again now? We tried last week, after one night she'd gone until 4am by herself. But the next night DH went in and she went crazy for two hours. Much more uspset that she's ever been before. I went in after two hours and talked to her, explained the night was for sleeping, boobs, were sleeping, I loved her just the same (has worked before) she nearly settled twice, but I the end after 3.5 hours I fed her. Since then it's been once a night and back to sleep.

Until this night, where it was midnight feed then 4am feed the jigging about awake until 6.30.

I have had enough. It is time to get good night sleeping, no feeding, back. Any top tips please?

I guess where last week I felt we'd pushed her too hard - she was genuinely hungry - her eating wasn't back to normal yet (and I felt bad about that) now it's the other way around: she has pushed me too hard/ is ready for a change I think.

Please tell me : your tops tips for re establishing good night sleeping and no feeding after illness; and how you judge after illness when to get back to that?

Sorry this is long, needed to vent. I am at the end of my tether.

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