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Arghhhh why won't my 4 month old sleep!!

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BabyHaribo Mon 01-Dec-14 04:43:22

Feel like such a failure sad

4 month old DD has never been a great sleeper but is just getting worse.

Constant waking to be resettled every 30 mins-1 hr. Not waking thru hunger although will feed. Back to sleep if I offer it.

Keep hearing of babies similar ages that sleep 8/9+ hours and i feel so cross angry
It's seems so unfair why what have I done wrong.

Sorry just needed to vent a little blush

mummybare Mon 01-Dec-14 04:51:17

Google the 4-month sleep regression. It's a thing. And try not to worry - it does get better

FishWithABicycle Mon 01-Dec-14 05:12:11

It's normal. I remember being half-crazed with exhaustion discovering a new level of tired I hadn't previously been aware of. But it passes.

The Eat-Activity-Sleep plan advocated by "The Baby Whisperer" helped us because there's no set pattern for how long each cycle should take. There's a lot of sane advice in that book, but tbh this phase will pass when it passes whichever set of advice you choose to follow.

JuniorMumber Mon 01-Dec-14 05:42:42

I am in the same boat - 4.5 month old won't sleep through. Same as yours - every 30 mins to an hr - unless I crack and let her come in the bed with me, when she sleeps like a dream, but obviously that's not a good habit for her to get into. I'm fairly pleased with her tonight, she went from 9 - 2 before the regular waking started. I'm not going to worry about her not sleeping through unless it's still the case after 6 months. I felt a bit gutted today because a friend told me her 11 week old slept from 7 - 7!! However, it's a marathon not a sprint, and many of these babies will probably experience disruptive sleep at later points during growth spurts, so even if they sleep through at an early age, it doesn't necessarily mean you've 'cracked it'. Sorry rambling, also very sleep deprived smile

BabyHaribo Mon 01-Dec-14 13:07:12

Thanks for the messages - things always seem worse in the night don't they!

You'd think id remember all this from DS!

I think one thing that would help would be if I could teach her to self settle but just don't know how to do this. I can put her down 'dozy' it then she just screams. I also have DS 2.9 so can't spend hours getting her to nap.

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