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Help with gradual retreat in 18m old

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grainmum Sun 30-Nov-14 19:56:27

My 18m old wakes once or twice every night, and I really thought that we would be getting a full night's sleep by now. I feel like I've been attempting some kind of gradual retreat for months now! Initially he woke at night to breast feed but we stopped that 4 months ago. Now I go in, lay him back down then just lie by cot or put my hand in the cot and he snuggles down onto it. If he's really resistant I bring him into bed with us.

So, bedtime routine is dinner 5/5.30, then tidy up toys or some quiet play. Upstairs for bath about 6.15, then stories and milk. Into bed with same song and bedtime verse every night, lights out at 7ish. He has one nap after lunch usually 1 to 1.5 hrs.

So I made a determined effort to work on this and stopped putting hand in cot then gradually moved where I was lying on the floor until I was out of sight. Then I was lying on the floor, out of sight but still intermittently singing. Wasn't sure what the next step should be.

However the last few nights he has screamed and screamed until (after about 30 mins) I've given in and put my hand in cot.

So, what do I do now? Start again? Anything else I could do to decrease the night wakings? Just wait for it to pass? (How much longer????)

Any advice appreciated, sorry for epic post!

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