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Co-sleeper cot: what happens as they get older? Stick to Moses basket?

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barmybunting Wed 26-Nov-14 04:54:21

DD1 is 9 days old. I was always adamant we wouldn't co sleep but despite trying all sorts, she will not settle in her Moses basket at night and has ended up co sleeping with us for some sanity.

Friends have lent us a co sleeper cot which would attach to the side of our bed that I am now considering using. However, what happens once baby starts going to bed before us, how does that work with a co sleeper cot?

I don't know if we are better just fighting through this and using her Moses basket? It is such early days!

fishnettights Wed 26-Nov-14 19:23:03

You can put baby down co-sleeper before you go to bed. For the first 6mths baby slept on us in the evening or we out her in Moses basket in the living room and then took her to bed when we went.

But even if you did decide to out her to bed before you there's no reason the co-sleeper would be different to Moses basket. Just keep the area free of duvet and pillows etc.

fishnettights Wed 26-Nov-14 19:23:37

Down at you need to do for the most sleep.

barmybunting Thu 27-Nov-14 03:35:37

Thanks for your replies. We put the cot for tonight and have actually managed 3 hours of straight sleep which has been amazing!

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