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Night time feed goes on for 2hrs+

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rumtumtugger Tue 25-Nov-14 21:35:56

14mo dd has pretty much dropped all her milk feeds in the day, but still feeds to sleep at bedtime and once or twice during the night. The night feeds are becoming a huge problem - they're taking anywhere between 40 minutes (if I'm lucky) to a more standard 1.5-2hrs. Exhausting. I quite often have to swap boobs numerous times. She sucks very slowly and sleepily and I'd like to shorten this period, or even better, night wean (which would mean I need to start feeding her again in the day I know).

Could she just be hungry? She eats pretty well in the day time. We've tried offering her warmed cow's milk at night, which she always refuses (she's a bottle refuser), or a banana, which she'll sometimes take. She definitely sucks for comfort, and mostly wants mummy, though she'll sometimes settle for DH if she's really sleepy.

Please recommend me a plan of action!

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