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I've just left my 3.5 year old to cry

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wishmynamewasdave Mon 24-Nov-14 23:05:28

She's starting waking regularly again - I really can't hack it.
After a horrendous night yesterday, I got them both to sleep at 7.30. 10.00 dd (3.5) wakes up, cuddle to sleep, she wakes when I try and leave, whinges, wakes her brother (1) I tell her to go back to sleep so I can see to him, she then whinges for 25 minutes because she wants mummy cuddles.
I went back in, settled her, he woke again, back to square one.
She's now gone quiet.
I feel like shite. Crying to sleep isn't my usual style of parenting... but I'm tired. So so so tired.

mimmymouse Mon 24-Nov-14 23:16:10

You are not a bad Mummy. You are trying to ensure everyone gets a good sleep. You are doing absolutely fine. Breathe. The children are and will be fine. X

wishmynamewasdave Mon 24-Nov-14 23:22:18

Thanks mimmy - to be honest, she could probably do with something, as she is using her need for mummy cuddles for control as well as comfort. I'm happy to give cuddles, but not if it means I get no sleep or she gets no sleep.
I've had enough.
She's gone to sleep though... I gave her a cuddly toy when her brother settled briefly, that seems to have worked a little.

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