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My 23 month old wont sleep in own bed

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abi2790 Fri 21-Nov-14 23:58:52

ds has been in his big boy bed since around 17 month and has always loved it. However, he's recently been poorly and has obviously got used to sleeping in our bed. He now won't go to sleep at all in his bed. He wants to nap in our bed and he will not go to sleep at night until he's in our bed. I have tried everything and at my wit's end! I wouldn't mind but I can't sleep when he's in bed with me because he likes to get as close as possible including sleeping on top of me! Poor dp is also sleeping on the sofa. does anybody have any suggestions on getting him back in his own bed?

beckiebee04 Mon 24-Nov-14 22:51:07

Have you tryed sleeping in his room with him you, or reading to him in his own room Untill he drops off, get him used to sleeping in his bed but with your company but slowly edge out the room,does he have a night light? Or even give him your pillow from your bed xx

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