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7 week old won't sleep in Moses basket

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ButterflyOfFreedom Thu 20-Nov-14 08:41:40

Please can we have another thread like this:

I have an adorable 7 week old who will sleep (very much on & off) in our bed or on me / DH but won't entertain the idea of sleeping in her Moses basket!
I get about 4 hours of broken sleep a night, as does DH and with a newborn & a 2 year old we know this is not sustainable.
I generally have to hold her most of the day too.
Our house is a tip, I look & feel a mess, DH is stressed in & out of work and poor DC1 isn't getting the attention he deserves!!

Please help - or at least tell me Im not the only one!!!

ButterflyOfFreedom Thu 20-Nov-14 08:45:30

Sorry if that link isn't working - not sure how to do it on my phone plus am soooo tired!!!!!

heather1 Thu 20-Nov-14 08:47:08

You poor thing it is hard. My first Ds wouldn't sleep in his, expensive, Moses basket either.
I brought a cot from babiesrus p, but it was a long time ago. It had a drop side that could be slid under the cot and I pushed it up against the side of our bed.
He slept slightly better after that. I think that maybe he just wanted to spread out a bit and couldn't in the Moses basket.

NoSnotAllowed Thu 20-Nov-14 08:49:09

See if you can find a Katie Crib cheap on gumtree. DS2 wasn't a fan of the Moses basket but loved the Katie Crib - bit bigger but still enclosed. brew for you, hope it gets better soon!

JustTryEverything Thu 20-Nov-14 09:04:55

Have you tried swaddling / warming up the Moses basket with a hot water bottle? I also have quite a 'heavy' yet very breathable knitted blanket which I think helps to make them feel a bit more secure in the basket IYSWIM.

Other than that, my friend had this for the first 9 weeks so her and her husband allocated strict 4 hour 'shifts' to at least secure that all important UNBROKEN stretch she started 8pm - midnight then they swapped again at 4am. Baby was in a different room to the 'sleeper' so either downstairs or a spare room to maximise quiet time! Obviously this will depend on your husbands work schedule and what time the toddler usually rises...

In the day, have you tried a sling? I've got a Close Caboo and it means DD gets good quality sleep / contact with me in the day (which can also help for night sleep IME) whilst I play with DS(2.4) or get the basics in the house done.

I do feel for you as it is very wearing dealing with a toddler discovering their boundaries etc at the best of times, let alone when sleep deprived. Good luck. brewbrewbrewbrew.

JustTryEverything Thu 20-Nov-14 09:13:06

Forgot to specify that you take out the hot water bottle before you put the baby in!!

Zebrasinpyjamas Thu 20-Nov-14 09:20:05

It's tough so I feel for you. My newborn DS would only sleep on a pillow in our bed which meant I got no sleep as I worried about rolling on to him all night or him suffocating on the pillow. We bought a sleepyhead deluxe from John Lewis. It is ridiculously expensive for what it is but it was like magic. I think he felt secure and snuggled in but not too constrained. He always hated my attempts to swaddle.

At first we had it in our bed (but it demoted dh to the spare room due to no space). Then after a couple of days we put it in the cot which is next to our bed with one side off. An unexpected plus side is the transition to being in his cot without the sleepyhead was easy as he was used to sleeping in it.

Having the cot so close meant we could comfort him without getting out of bed. My dh and I also take it in turns to sleep next to him to share that comforting burden (but admittedly that is easier now my son is 5 mths so doesn't wake that often).

Also when sleep deprived you feel like time is passing so slowly but you will start to emerge slowly from the fog week by week now so hang in there!

splendide Thu 20-Nov-14 17:01:51

My baby wouldn't sleep in the moses but will sleep (for short periods sad ) in his sleepyhead. I think they're absolutely worth the money.

Zebra this is probably a stupid question but how does your swapping sides work with feeding? At the moment I have to put DS on my boob every 3 hours at night if Im really lucky or more like every hour if not.

Heatherbell1978 Thu 20-Nov-14 17:18:49

Another Sleepyhead fan here....we've used it since DS1 was 2 days old and aside from the inevitable waking to feed, I've never had any issues with him settling to sleep in it day or night. I put it in his Chicco Next To Me crib and it fits perfectly. Up until a couple of nights ago the crib was right next to our bed with the side down, now I've moved it across the room. He's 3 months old. Definitely worth the money!

bronya Thu 20-Nov-14 18:12:30

My DS NEVER slept in his Moses basket. He hated it with a passion and co-slept in our bed, then his cot and now a toddler bed.

When DD arrived we bought a Snuzpod. Best investment EVER. DD thinks she's in my bed because it's a seamless extension of our mattress - but she's not. She's in her own space yet can see/touch/hear me only a few centimetres away. Worth the money.

dreamingofwineandcheese Thu 20-Nov-14 20:22:34

My DS would never sleep in his moses basket so this time around I bought a sheepskin for DD to sleep on to make it more cosy. She loves it and sleeps well in her moses basket. It saves warming up the moses basket as it isn't cool like sheets are, keeps her nice amd warm too.

ButterflyOfFreedom Tue 02-Dec-14 15:49:45

Thanks so much for all your replies- and sorry for the delay in responding!
At least I know I'm not on my own and it won't be forever!!!

Since I first posted we have tried a few things including swaddling, more warm blankets and even white noise (thanks YouTube!).
Although none of these have been a miracle cure, DD will sleep for a little bit in her Moses basket and even if it is just an hour here and there, it is progress (and means I can nip to the loo and/or have a hot drink at least!!!!)

I think it is all about her feeling warm and secure and recreating what it was like in the womb. It's a hard slog still - not helped by a whingy 2 year old boy! - but we're surviving!!

RainbowInACloud Tue 02-Dec-14 18:10:50

I'll join you. We have all the same problems including waking every 2 hours and only sleeping on me/ next to me.
I also have 2 older children and have to be out of the house by 7.30am to do nursery and school run. It's a killer! We'll get there though.

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