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10 mo now waking at night - not sure how to handle

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Lostmarblez Wed 19-Nov-14 07:34:19

My 10mo ds had started to sleep through at around 6 mo. He's now started waking 1-2x a night and crying. His naps are ok but he doesn't settle as well anymore either. I used to put him down awake and he'd self settle. I've now regressed back to using dummy with patting and shushing. Sometimes he settles ok other times it takes about an hour.
I'm aware of it being common that they do wake more around this age what with development, teeth and separation anxiety (of which he is mega clingy at the mo!) so I don't know how to deal with it.
Do I do controlled crying? Or is that mean as it's a short term phase?
I'm worried that by using dummy I'm going backwards and he'll rely on it.
I'm sure it's mostly separation anxiety that's causing it.
He's been like this for about a month now.
I'm remembering what it's like with lack of sleep. Miserable.

carolinementzer Wed 19-Nov-14 15:22:53

Hi, My DD was terrible at that age - just complete separation anxiety and would never self settle even when I reluctantly tried CC. Anyway I discovered loads of ways to help her sleep better if you're interested here's my blog post on dealing with separation anxiety, and teething -

we also found the 'sleep inducing' acupressure point really helpful at soothing a wired tired baby to sleep quickly - here's the link -

good luck, sleep deprivation is the worst. x

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