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night poos

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shmuf Tue 18-Nov-14 02:29:08

Haha realize this might sound a bit cruel there a way to stop Ds 8mo pooing in the night!!? He quite reliably does a huge one around 4am,then just won't settle back down again.he has fruit at around 10am,and poos 2-3 times during the day too..
any ideas!?

SnowPetrel Tue 18-Nov-14 04:04:56

Hi, my first used to do this! I've posted this technique elsewhere as a way to relieve trapped wind, but it has also worked with my two if they are fussy due to needing a poo:
Sit on the bed with your knees up and baby sitting on your tummy with his back against your thighs, facing you. Then tilt baby's bottom slightly up by pulling feet/ end of Grobag up gently, i.e. so baby slips down a couple of inches. Then wait 10-15 minutes and if trapped wind/ an outstanding poo is the problem you should hear results and have a calmer baby! Hth.

SnowPetrel Tue 18-Nov-14 04:05:45

"Outstanding" as in "remaining", not "exceptional" of course, haha :-)

SnowPetrel Tue 18-Nov-14 04:07:51

Worth a try just before you put him in bed for the night, and if he wakes up threatening a poo!

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