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Introducing white noise with a 2yo?

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RedKites Mon 17-Nov-14 22:17:58

DS2, 2yo, often wakes around 5-6am. On a good day, I can settle him back to sleep, but sometimes he is up for the day. I appreciate things could be a lot worse, and he is sleeping a million times better than at the beginning of the year. However, I think I've noticed a pattern. DH has to get up early to get to work, and I think DS2 is more likely to sleep better on the days DH isn't working, or is WFH (so getting up a little later, and not having to go out the front door [under DS2's room]). He does sometimes wake early at the weekends too, but could that be 'habit' from being woken early on other days?
DS2 will move into DS1's room at some point, and that might help, but DS1 is newly at school and very tired, so I don't think I'm prepared to take the risk at the moment!
I had wondered if it was worth giving white noise a go? Or is it something which would need to have been introduced when he was younger? Are there any downsides to trying it? Sorry this is a bit long, and thanks in advance.

RedKites Tue 18-Nov-14 13:48:47

Bumping to see if anyone has tried white noise with a toddler...

Jemimabelle Wed 19-Nov-14 14:09:58

We put a fan in my 2 year old's room over the summer to keep him cool and it's been on every night since! He insists on it being on as loud as possible every night. I think he's addicted to the white noise effect. It does help at masking the noises of us moving around the house, husband going out to work early/going to bed late and his baby brother waking up in the night in e other room for feeds.

Lookslikeimstuckhere Wed 19-Nov-14 14:14:44

Mine is nearly 3 and still appreciates
Ewan the Dream Sheep

Also agree about the fan, sleeps much more soundly with it on!

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