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sibling sharing with baby

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burgatroyd Sun 16-Nov-14 10:14:20

Dc1 is five and dc2 is nine months and sleeps through. Dc2 does whimper once or twice in the night but fingers crossed is able to self settle. Long may this continue.

Tomorrow I'm moving her into dc1 room. Dc1 sleeps with bright light and likes CD on. Dc2 has been use to sleeping in dark quiet room so far. What advice would you give to help this work?

Also please share stories of baby and older dc's sharing.


PenguinsandtheTantrumofDoom Sun 16-Nov-14 21:56:18

Does it need to be tomorrow? TBH I think you probably need to tackle the light/dark thing with one or the other of them before you make the move. I'd do your eldest and get him/her used to dark. It's a bit pointless trying to get the baby used to sleeping in bright light, particularly since it might start triggering night wakings/early mornings.

burgatroyd Mon 17-Nov-14 09:43:41

Well no but it feels like the right time. Some people never grow out of night light. I might get dc1 a glow worm

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